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If you are one of the many Camel Towing services around the world, we have something in common; we had a catchy name and ran with it. Plain and simple, the point of this site is to create a win-win situation for the both of us. We want your company to promote its services on this site, for free, and want to advertise with the merchandise we sell at CamelTowing.Com.

Custom Camel Towing Email Address

You may advertise on your trucks, shirts or other media the domain. By doing this you will drive more traffic to the site where customers can learn more about your services, specials you run and other details about your company. They will also have the opportunity purchase merchandise with your company logo on it. If you don’t have a logo, we can Use your logo or our logohave our logo modified to have your city, state and phone number added to it so that it can be used by you for the purpose of selling merchandise on for free. Advertisers will receive discounted product with their logo on it. Your company will receive 1 email addresses of your choice so you can send and receive email as You will also receive domain login information and ftp access to upload to your own advertising page.

The goal is to allow you to profit from an increase in advertising while I will receive the revenue for selling your advertising material. You may ask yourself why not sell the product on another site myself? gets a considerable number of hits a month in just customers typing in the domain name. That’s not counting the ones that got there through search engines. The more that join this site then the hits should increase as well as the advertising you see in your area in the form of shirts, hats, mugs, and of course people talking about it.

Advertising FAQ's


Is it going to cost me anything?

  • Absolutely not.  The goal was to allow the different Camel Towing companies to be able to advertise their services for free.

What if I don’t have a logo to use or the logo is cooler

  • You get the use of our professionally designed logo, modified to include your location and phone number to sell on merchandise while you are an advertiser on the site

What if I don’t have the ability to create and maintain my advertising page?

  • Don’t worry.  We can assist you with this or do it for you.  We can have you fill out a questionnaire that will answer all the questions we need to help create your page for free.  Then just send us an email for any promotions you may be running or changes that are needed.

Why don’t I just sell my own merchandise on another site and keep all the profits for myself.
You can do so, however you don’t get:

  • The regular traffic that already hits the site from all over the country
  • 5 email addresses

How easy is it to cancel:

  • There is nothing to cancel, just shoot us an email and we will remove you from the site as well as anything that had your logo or information on it.
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